As of 7/6/02
Happy Independance Day, all! Here's hoping none of you have succumbed to E. Coli (forgive me, I'm reading Fast Food Nation) or Swimmer's Itch at your various lovely holiday picnics. For your holiday weekend delectation, her's a tidbit or two of the latest in all things Reno....

Some new Reno for Governor Links. Let's keep this country from becoming a monarchy, shall we?

A party-size plethora of Drag King Names, including the best one of all time!

As of 5/12/02

OK, so I've been a lame and neglectful site Mom, but now I turn back, chagrined, begging your forgiveness, with an update or two. I'm currently working on my dream date pictorial--'bout friggin time, huh?

New Obsessions! Including one that's kind of disturbing, yet also kind of nutritious. You be the judge.
New Poetry. Lesbos like poetry even more than they like dildoes or victim politics! Here's the latest!

As of 10/5/01

BREAKING NEWS about the(obviously in need of a wedgie) judge who ruled that folks injured in the Elian Gonzalez raid can sue my gal for damages. Over my naked and willing body, Janet.......

Also more DRAG KING NAMES and blah blah blah....

As of 9/19/01

Lovely letter and curiously spot-on OBSESSION from Maria.

Plus my note regarding the awfulness of 9/11, but you've already read that if you're here, so no need to link.

As of 9/9/01

MY LOVE FOR GOV.! Jeb's gonna be history! I mean, Christ, Janet can wrestle alligators--that punk-ass, fully nepotized election fixer doesn't stand a chance!!

As of 8/25/01

You knew I would finally haul myself off my fat ass and do it, right? Finally, for your viewing (and self-doing) pleasure....


The super-swanky Janet Reno Action Figure has a hot date with a very special former Spice Girl Action Figure, and you're invited! (If you don't piss yourself laughing, I don't like you any more.)

Also, the usual new drag king-stravaganza, a new obsession, some new links and a little tweaky-weaky here and there.

As of 8/15/01:

New Drag King Names (big surprise).

New Poetry!!!!

New Obsessions

As of 7/27/01:

New Drag King Names!

New Obsessions!

New Links!

Actual useless shit to buy in the Citizen Reno Store!

As of 7/7/01:

A few brave souls sent in their shimmering odes to Her Reno-ness, now you too can share the love!

By far the biggest response to any portion of this site. Check out the snazzy alternate identities of your fellow JanetRenoIsHot perusers!

See, I knew it wasn't just me! A couple of your peers reveal the oddities that keep them warm at night.

Also, some new links, a new Reno poem from me, a picture of me in Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, and a couple few tweaks here and there, which I s'pose you'll just have to fish around to find.


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