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We're all sick of the "first pet + mother's maiden name" drag queen name formula, besides the results never really fit our *ahem* more tailored sisters, so here's one from me, just for the rest of us! Use it to insert a little outre fun into any party--go crazy!

OK, here goes:

Father's Middle Name + Name of First Car

That makes me LAWRENCE OMEGA! So butch, so simple, you can't afford NOT to give it a try! SEND me your swelligant drag king name and I'll put it on the site!

FUN DRAG NAMES created with this very formula:




There has been an overwhelming response to the drag king name formula (evidently you lazy asses aren't reading anything else on the damn site!). So if you'd like to peruse the too cool for school drag king names of your fellow site visitors, knock yourself out!



I gotta fill up the rest of this cell thingie, so here's some swanky pix of You Know Who! (shamelessly stolen with great gratitude from the Janet Reno Girly Dance page--please pay him a visit, it's big fun!)






A nice profile of Our Gal, with some links to interesting articles
An AMAZING article by Liza Mundy that appeared in the Washington Post in January of 1998. Deals with reasons why Janet's refusal to present herself as a "traditional female" in politics was so threatening to folks. Much more thoughtful than any of the drivel you'll find here. A must read for any Reno 'ho!
Bob, the Cranky Media Guy, put out an open letter offering Janet a buncha cash to pose nude--do it babe! (and send ME the photos)
In this odd little "Secret Life of...." our gal Jan and Gossip Columnista (and fellow lezzie) Liz Smith sorta kinda rough up a tender young thing sexually.
One butch discusses another! Camille Paglia speaks her piece on the Reno-meister.
A piece from the now-defunct, but forever brilliant Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly about Big Jan, Donna Shalala and Hillary Clinton.
Without these fabulous ladies, this site would just be a fever dream in my troubled little brain. PLUS their site is funnier than George W. Bush's domestic policy! Rural Queers with a BIG FAT EDGE!

The motherlode for snarky dykes everywhere. Of course I adore the "Ask Miss Girl" femme advice column. Delightfully bitchy!

And not simply because they printed (or whatever the web equivalent of "printed" is) an interview with Yours Truly. If you are a big ol lezzie with an IQ somewhere above room temperature, you must head here to find the few, the proud, the lesbian smartypantses!
The website of lesbian public enemy number 2!!! She's smart as a whip and always suprising. Even if you don't agree, she's bound to make you think!
In this site gender ain't just bent, it's tied in a pretty bow! Lotsa links and pix.
Probably an actual man, but big points for inspiring (I suspect) unintentional gender confusion in an old pro like me. And he's super-suave to boot!
My favorite mayoral candidate ever! And this site gives dates for Murray's not-to-be-missed Murray and Penny show.
The most fabulousest Mack Daddy ever! The creme brulee of drag kings! Fabulous site with lots and lotsa pics.
If your coolest friend were to take up crafts (I know, God forbid), what might she make? I'll tell ya what she'd make, all the stuff on this here site!
Weirdly enough, this kinda generic site has some swank-ass knitting patterns.

Ignore the cutesy name, I implore you.
While this site is neither as rockin' as Get Crafty, nor as comprehensive as About.com, it still has a coupla' patterns worth checking out.

As you may know, I was the hood ornament on a float in this year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade--here is the site for our Rat Pack themed float! (click here for a pic of me in the New York Post)
My hat (and evidently, shirt) is off to louche genius (and Yale School of Drama MFA holder) Dick Zigun and his revivals of Coney Island tradition.
Susan Bernfield is the love goddess of women's theatre in New York City!! Smart, hip, innovative--why the hell haven't you ALREADY seen their entire season?
Ellie Covan is the Mabel Dodge of the avant-garde! Dixon Placeis still serving up the best of edgy NYC dance, performance art, solo work, writing, you name it!
I used to work here! The grand lady of NYC women's theatre, and a sentimental favorite.
Mark Russell has a vision, and if P.S.122 were a cult I'd join!
Just go to this site. That's all I'm gonna say. Stop reading this silliness. Just. Go.
Actually this site gave me a new respect for the age-old beauty of the "Achey Breaky Big Mistakey".
Love your cat, but wish she were more stackable?
The only folks I love as much as a certain Defender of Justice are true eccentrics. Here's the most truly odd human being ever ever. He rules.
Hours and hours of work-postponing fun!!
Uppity, snotty fun--tell your hygiene-challenged friends that their vaginal cleanliness isn't what it could be! Always thought someone had really minty breath, but were too shy to tell her in public?
Cuz I'm a dork at heart.
It'll cost ya if you want to join, but I just go for the word of the day! Big, dorky fun!
I'm a bit of an art ho, and this is the place I go for all my fine art downloads.

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