Now that a few good little lezzies (and lezzie sympathizers) have ponied up I can print your heart-wrenching, soul-baring odes to Ren-iope, muse of governmental poetry.

On April 29, 2002, SierraFox sent in this hunka hunka burnin' verse:

dolores..I can't say enuff how this site is such a killer!!!...awesomely done!...Anyway enough about you..

I would like to contribute my little bit to the Janet Reno inspired poetry..I poet I am it should be good...*S*

Oh Janet Reno
I am from down under
I don't actually know who u are...
but anyway..

I have the hots for Helen Clark
and if you are anything like her
you certainly would make my panties moist
with the juices of love
for I am smitten and indeed
I am craven for the wetness of
touch upon my inner thighs
I want to feel her throbby bits
pound my soft stuff
so that my belly
wobbles with endless

Oh Helen /Janet
come rodger me
I want to feel the length of you
pretty please....


(It's lovely to know that Janet has an Australian doppelganger. Of course she can NEVER stand up to my gal Jan, but your fresh versifying made me wonder for a second.....)

On March 15, 2002, Ripley provides us with this lovely bit o' scansion:

burn me like you
burned Waco;
send in the troops
to quell this acho...

JR, JR, I watch from afar
your wordly, public self
delete the 'l's from those above
let our speaking cunts make love
and stain the fabric in the back of my car.

(Ripley, if ol' Sylvia Plath hadn't put her head in the oven, she'd be right proud of ya!)

On 10.11/01, Rebecca sent in this very direct ode:

cunts are nifty
cunts are ace
i want reno's
on my face

(Well who doesn't? 'Nuff said.)

On 8/3/01, Shaun C. sent in this masterful bit of rhyme:

Your poetry got me quite wet and I had no other recourse but to write a poem of my own and hope that you can post it.

Janet my love, I wish to deeply thrust
groping wildly I shall lick your bust
Passionate heat shall melt away your cunt crust
Mrs. Reno you now know the full extent of my lust.

(Shaun, words cannot express our excitement at your poem. Let's just say that every single pair of panties here at JanetRenoIsHot Industries is duly moistened!
You might want to re-think the Mrs., though. If there's gonna be any Mrs. Reno, it's gonna be me!)

On 7/7/01, Pauliwankenobi sent this evocative blank verse:

janet reno
you perspire my socks
i love your feet
moist towelette

thank you

(No, thank YOU Pauliwan. I'ts like John Ashberry with a foot fetish! Or is that redundant.....?)

On 6/18/01, pustule ladened ass sent this cinematic tribute:

oh janet reno
reno nevada
thelma and louise in pumps
the ace is high
and the time is nigh
to drive over the edge,
onto our rumps.

(Scans well, pustule! Sort of an odd mix of Ogden Nash and Paul Muldoon--with a teency bit of "Luck be a Lady" for good measure.)

A few Haiku courtesy of Jezbian:

Such a butch woman
Can you behold such desire
from a civilian?

Always a blue dress
I lay awake wondering
What is underneath?

You make my pants pound
Former secretary chick
Please defend my loins.

You look like a wrestler
You worked for the president
Now work for my love.

Tall butch in drag dress
One look at your badass self
Gives me a wide-on

(The simple beauty of the haiku always brings a tear to my eye, thanks jezbian!)

OK folks, while this showing is impressive, I know there is more Reno verse just waiting to spring forth from your beleaguered brains!!! I mean, Jesus, most of you are lesbians after all, and probably have reams of bad, maudlin poetry just hanging around your apartment. Why should it lie around in obscurity--send it along!

Just change any names that appear in your poems to Janet Reno, should be fine.