Love Poetry

Love Poetry To Janet

I invite everyone to submit poetic paens to the one, the only, the hottest mama-jama in DC, former Attorney Generallisimo Janet Reno. Haiku, sonnet, blank verse, everything is welcome. Here are a few of my own love-soaked missives to start you off:


Oh Janet Reno
Your pump feels like a sneaker,
So does my yoni

Just for you Janet
I'll kick the trashy ass of
Timothy McVeigh

When working for Bill
Whose horniness was legend
Did any rub off?

Your sense of humor
And sly self-deprecation
Give me a moistie.

What if I crave some
Illegal sex acts, Janet
Will you arraign self?

Sexy, butch Janet
Oh, cleanse my throbbing loins with
Your rod of Justice.



Roses are red,
Renos are Janet
She gives the best head,
To be found on the planet.

There once was a butch gal named Reno,
Who all the femme gals thought was keen-o;
Her run for the Gov.,
Only sharpened their love,
And to Florida, they all careened-o.



Oh Janet,
Your aviator glasses haunt me
like windows
into your soul.

Oh Janet,
My love for you is
as deep as
your gravelly voice.

Oh Janet,
Do you like Cris Williamson?

Me too.

Of course you do, all lesbos love bad poetry! Send your own Reno-inspired poetic paens, and I'll publish your sweaty tributes RIGHT HERE!!!

UPDATE!!!!! Click here to peek at the finest in Reno Tribute from readers JUST LIKE YOU!


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