The home for femme lezzies with a big ol' moistie for the Generallisimo!


Welcome to the premier site for lezzies with a BIG OL'BONER for Our Lady of Perpetual Dykiness, JANET RENO. Bring me your lesbians, your butches, your femmes, your oddballs of any stripe--as long as your crotch pounds for the Generallisimo, you are WELCOME HERE!!!.

All of you conservative grumpuses who think this is some sort of parody site, or that I'm gonna bash our gal Jan, well you have got another thing comin! I'm friggin SINCERE, here!

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(though she'd never letcha in real life)

Yes 'tis true, I've got a BIG OL THANG for the hottest butch lesbian icon in American Government since Eleanor Roosevelt or Henry Kissinger, and I ain't afraid to admit it! Janet kicked ass as Attorney General, but more importantly, she made my heart (and the heart of every thinking femme in the US) go pit-a-pat! Sorry Janet, but those shoes may have looked like a pump, but they obviously felt like a wingtip! Everyone knew you were a dyke, but the connoisseurs of butchdom among us had the real skinny. This site is my tribute to the big ol' butch daddy whose lap I most wanna climb into and the smarty-pants whose advice I'd be most likely to seek on policy matters!

What fresh hell is this? Links to the new stuff on the site, updated as often as I get around to it.
BE STILL MY HEART!! The gal's on the ballot!! If dead people can vote in Florida, why can't I....

The first official appearance of the Janet Reno Action Figure, a doll that gets one HELL of a lot more action than Barbie ever did. Barbie can kiss my ass--THIS is the doll for the thinking babydyke!! (Over 18 puh-leeze, Janet gets LUCKY)

My poetic odes to the most moisture-inducing butch ever to set foot on Capitol Hill!
My personal correspondance with the Generallisimo. So personal in fact, she's never seen a word of it!
The transcript of Janet's Fox News interview, where she kicked some serious ass!
Not sure why, but ya do, so here 'tis.......
A very little bit about me.
This is for Janet's eyes only, so KEEP out, the rest of you sleazebags! How dare you rest yer dirty eyeballs on my private correspondance!
Always had a thing for Bea Arthur? Screech from Saved by the Bell? Madeline Albright? Or, God help you, Carrot Top? Here's the place to confess those odd attractions that the boys around the water cooler just wouldn't understand.

I do have enthusiasms other than the aforementioned former Attorney General--I swear! Here are a few.
PLUS, free of charge, my personally invented, handy-dandy formula for figgerin' out yer drag king name, should that sort of thing be of interest.

My Dream Date With Janet Reno
(under construction)
Would she arrive in her pickup truck? Would she bring flowers? Would she whisper complicated legal theory into my ear as she tried to get to first base? Would she pack? Would I? Follow me on my evening out with the butch of my dreams….

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