Oh my goodness, am I steamed!!!! In yesterday's (10/4/01) NY Times there was an article talking about how the sugar in my coffee, the honey in my tea, one Janet Reno, Esquire, can be SUED by any bystanders injured in the raid to restore Elian Gonzalez to his father. Um, am I a moron for assuming that a position like Attorney General gives one immunity from those kinds of pissant, litigation-happy, revenge-seeking civil suits? If we ever, EVER hope to have any members of our government making choices based on conscience and ethics rather than the polls, don't they need to be immune from those kinds of yahoo-driven vengeance suits? We criticized Clinton for generally making the popular choice rather than the moral one, but it seems that's the only way to stay out of court these days. Feed the infantile public what they want and you're fine, make a bold choice (and ultimately the right one, even if its execution was less than ideal) and you're open to every friggin bozo with cash to hire a lawyer. Christ, don't we all have bigger fish to fry these days?

Jeezus louise-us, that makes me darned grumpy!!! Okey doke, off my high horse....

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