(Our Gal as she appeared in the 9/5/01 NY Times--ABOVE the fold, mind you!)

(Another one of Our Gal at her family home announcing her bid)

Just as cute as a friggin bug!

Be still, my lil lesbo heart!

And she's outdoorsy!

My Love For Gov.!

I'm sure you can just imagine my insane glee when I cracked open Wednesday's Times only to see She Who Gets Me Moist smack dab on the front page!! Nothing would make me happer than to see Citizen Reno topple the greasiest arm of the Bush Monarchy, and I do believe she can.
Just pretend he's a 'gator, baby--he's no match for you!!!!

But Jan, a word to the wise--only a butch (or a very tacky straight woman) would wear white shoes after Labor Day! Watch out, hon, unless you don't MIND voters divining your true butch virility, that is!!

Official Reno Site--
Hey Janet, fuck governor--how about Empress! Seriously, though, here's the spot for all your campaign update needs.

NY Times--the Old Grey Lady gets together with my Butch Grey Lady to announce her bid for Gov.!

MSNBC Article that does a good job of sorting out the challenges of the campaign and the odds of a win. I'm more optimistic, of course....

Unofficial Jan for Gov Site Dunno, this guy may be a total yahoo (I know I know, who am I to talk?), but it's as close as I have come to real info about the campaign thus far.

Campaign HQ:
Here's where to send campaign contributions. Or flowers and candy...

Janet Reno for Governor Campaign
P.O. Box 630400
Miami, FL 33163-0400
Ph. (305) 595-7284 / Fx (305) 595-7582

Links to any news about the campaign (or, as always, nude photos).

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