After looking at this site you might be wondering who I am. My reply is--who are any of us really? Except Janet, of course, who is Nietzche's uberwench. The rest of us are just existential flotsam and jetsam floating beside the garbage barge of life. For better or worse, here's my bio, though:

Dolores Haze is a femme lesbo--or as I like to say poontangler-- theatre producer living in New York City who loves Beckett, knitting and Janet Reno. Janet-are ya out there?

I love a parade! Here's me on the front of a float in Coney Island's Mermaid parade! Pretty swank, eh? (the pic's from the NY Post)

And here's another. While I'm a gal who's not afraid to wear feathers on her tits in public, I'm also not sure that's a GOOD thing.



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