Odd Obsessions

My girlfriend has a boner for Iris Murdoch and Martha Nussbaum, and my big fat moistie for the Reno-meister is well documented here. My question is, who does it for you? There must be someone lodged in the deep, dark recesses of your brain who gets you going when it's time for a wank, but who you would NEVER admit to your friends in ONE MILLION FRIGGIN YEARS. Here is the perfect place to get it off your chest, c'mon, I won't tell a soul!

Is it Linda Hunt? Alan Greenspan? Wilford Brimley? Your mom?

C'mon guys, E-Mail me your weird boner fuel & I'll add it to the site-I know I'm not the only one !

A few of you brave souls did feel able disclose "the love that grosses folks out if you speak its name." Come visit my fellow obsessives.