You sent them in, and here they are, immortalized forever
(or until my server eats it).

7/6/02 OK, folks I can hardly keep up with the volume of drag king names you've sent in (and to be perfectly honest, haven't really tried). So here is just a big list, chock-full of drag king goodness....

Christian Tracer, Wade Torino, Augustus Pinto, Ray Reliant, David Toledo, Case Beetle, Harold Avenger, Dale Floaty (floaty?), Karma Tercel, Tuttle Maverick, Victor Taurus, Arthur Bug, Alex Fairlane, Savage Fiesta (Veeery nice!), Holliday Geo, Wayne Ranger, Jan Datsun, William Valiant, Joseph Volvo, and Billy Monte Carlo

The "I didn't quite understand the assignment award" goes to:

Rod Rimstead and Cuthbert Thinth

And now, ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate Drag King name of all time (even better than my previous fave, Dick Probe) goes to...............

(her dad is Vietnamese)

Thank you, and goodnight.

On 9/27/01, Fifi La Roux writes:

Ooh ooh ooh!
"High femmes everywhere; feast your eyes on...
Love your site, pumpkin. Femmes need to be a better press department for butches 'cause god knows they'll never do it themselves.
Check out my friend's blog, interestingmonstah.com. She's who turned me on to you!
- La Fifi
P.S. I can assure you that feathers, sequins and glitter improve practically everything. High femmes unite!

(From one high femme to another, back atcha darlin!! (also kudos to your lovely compatriot at interestingmonstah!) This girly-gal thrills to Flint's manly charms.)

On 9/26/01, vg writes:

hm, think mine sounds more like a fallen southern belle created by Tennessee Williams while hung over: Foster Starlet

Would you put up some T & A shots of Janet?

Peace and love.

(We at JanetRenoIsHot Industries ADORE a good reference to that wonderful, drunken old queer from St. Louis. Personally, though, I think that Foster Starlet (was that REALLY a car!?!!?) sounds like a lovely name either for Blanche DuBois' delicate husband from Belle Reve, or Sebastian, the guy who gets eaten by street toughs in "Suddenly Last Summer". Effemminate and fabulous! Who says drag kings can't be nellie!?
Oh, and P.S. if we HAD T & A shots of You Know Whom, don't you think they'd be on here already?)

On 8/21/01, Jill writes:

Edward Vega

On 8/20/01, Sleaterdyke writes:

ok here it is- i know you'll love it:
Brad Gallant
so spiffy, so suave, so... queer!

(How could I NOT love it!?! Not just swank, but gentlemanly!)

On 8/17/01, S. writes:

Well, not everyone in the world drives, so I guess I have a couple of possible names. Unfortunately my dad's middle name's kinda... weird.

Broda Schwinn
Broda MBTA
Broda Public Transit

(VERY Inventive, S! You could also have used a family car, thoughif you wanted to join in on the butch car model name fun!)

On 8/14/01, E writes:

Your wait is over (perhaps):

my Drag name is Paul Volvo. I swear. My first car was an early 70’s orange Volvo.

(Oh E, I'm so pleased!! The Volvo is indeed the quintessential lezzie-mobile!! Is it a wagon? Is there a cat carrier in the back? Or some old Holly Near 8-tracks?)

On 8/7/01, Tammy writes:

Hey, great site. I'm not so sure about the JR infatuation, though. But who can define love and infatuation anyhow...

I love the naming formula and here's mine:

Granada. Allan Granada.


(Well actually, Tammy I think I CAN define love and infatuation:
Love (luv) n. 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 2. Janet Reno.
Infatuation (in-fach'oo ay'shun), n 1. The state of being infatuated. 2. A certain burly defender of justice.)

On 8/5/01, Gabriella writes:

mmm hmmm... Randolph Pickup

On 7/28/01, Sarah writes:

hey there--
what a fabulous site! i especially liked the sappy poetry.

so i have two choices for my drag name. i suppose if i were going to be a purist, it would be SCOTT RAM --which has marvelous implications--but SCOTT DODGE just sounds butcher. which would you choose?

sarah ;)

(Well Ram is more--how shall I say-- illustrative? I would imagine one would rather be rammed than dodged any day. Or maybe that's just me.)

On 7/15/01, Jeanne writes:

I absolutely LOVE my results with this formula!

I had better be seriously packing to do justice to that name, yow!

Thank you!
Oh, and I got your website name from a sign our daughter saw in NYC Pride Parade. (That was me! -Dolores) My husband's name, (even though he is a bio-guy so would make an arguably inauthentic drag king), is also neat: Janek Ram (Johnny Ram).

Our children's first vehicle was the tractor (we are rural, yes, in Vermont, yay!), a Cub Cadet, by International Harvester, and my husband has no middle name. Possibilities? Use his first, or confirmation, name? Hmmm...Joe Cadet? John Harvester? Cubby Joe? Cadet Johnny?

Be well,

"It's an illusion to think we can have obscene wealth on the one hand and desperate poverty on the other, and have that be a world anybody - even the extremely wealthy - wants to live in."
--- Donella Meadows

(And you be well, too Jeanne! There's nothing the folks here at JanetRenoIsHot Industries. like more than a lovely, fun, supportive PFlag parent! You go doll!)

On 7/12/01, MacGret writes:

Alfred Rabbit

(Have you noticed that many drag kings seem to be related?)

(Well, MacGret, your observation speaks to the omnipresence of the Rabbit and the Toyota in the Lezzie Community. Even though it's unlikely in poverty-stricken lesbo land, I'm really waiting for a lezzie whose first car was a Volvo--now THAT'S a name to strap one's tits down for!)

On 7/12/01, Jane writes:

My drag king name is Robert Nissan. Why do I have to have such a wimpy
sounding car? It's a little triangular 1982 so it doesn't look too butch
either. But my girlie's king name would be studly--Michael Cherokee. HOT!

(I think those are both fine drag names! One thing bears mentioning, though--it is meant to be the car MODEL, not the brand. The model names are generally so much butcher!)

On 7/9/01, Amanda writes:

Jesus Corona

On 7/9/01, Jenn writes:

Allen Skylark

On 7/6/01, Al writes:

OK, as a bloke I can't really be a drag king, but the name 'Robertson
' was too good to pass up. Dad has two middle names, so there could
also be 'John Triumph' out of that.

Thought I'd share with you.

(Glad you did, Al! And who says blokes can't be drag kings? One of the coolest drag queens in New York is a genetic gal, so you go ahead and paste on that moustache!)

On 7/5/01, Becky writes:

Cute site... My drag king name would be Alan Cavalier

On 7/5/01, Judy writes:


(Also nicely succinct, Judy! As Mark Twain said, "Eschew surplusage.")

On 7/4/01, John writes:

well I don't count, too male, but my butch sister shared this car with me so you can use it for her

(Of course you count, John! You can share the name with your butch sister, just like you shared the car.)

On 7/4/01, Ray writes:

How about "Jim Regal"? You can't beat that!

(That remains to be seen, smart guy! Gotta confess, though, it IS a nice one.)

On 6/29/01, An Extremely Amused Reader writes:

haha, i love your site! my butch name ends up being john valiant.

On 6/27/01, Eileen writes:

William Rabbit


(Points for concision, Eileen! As Anton Chekhov said, "Brevity is the sister of talent". Or something like that.)

On 6/26/01, Scout writes:

I like JR too, but not nearly as much as you. You are clearly her biggest fan ever.
Well, my first car was a Rambler, and it is named Puck, so depending on what you meant, here's my name:
Goodwin Rambler
Goodwin Puck

the 2nd has some more angles to work in a rhyme scheme, no?

(Yes indeedy. Perhaps you should write some poetry to Janet for the site?)

On 6/26/01, Mickie T writes:

I love love love your idea!!! Unfortunately, mine is lame-o:
Mitchell Delta Eighty-Eight
But thank you for your excellent contribution to human culture!!! Score!

(Lame-O? I would be proud to don a spirit-gum-and-pubic-hair moustache if I could perform under such a swank alias!)

On 6/17/01, Chatty writes:

well here goes, my nic is chatty, but under your formula it's
ahem "frederick monte carlo" lmao,,,,,,,,,,it was fun, i look forward to seeing your site when you have it completed.

(I look forward to seeing my site completed as well.... Sigh....)

On 6/13/01, Nat writes:

Hi there,
I quite enjoyed your site, what little chance I had to look at it so
far....anyway, here is the name generated by your formula:
Vincente Tempo

On 6/10/01 Dr. Trish writes:

In response to your request for drag king names, well, mine just plain sucks... Robin Range, Robin Rover, or Robin Range
... whichever. They all suck!!!

(Confidential to Doc--NO drag king names suck--yours are all lovely names that conjure up a highwayman-esque drag king with many VERY merry men. Um also--your first car was a RANGE ROVER?!?!? Ah the bourgeoisie...)

On 6/9/01 Froot writes:

I'm Stephen Rambler!

Thank you all for the gift of your lovely, swelligant drag king names! Use them in your daily life to fill the world with fun and gender confusion!

If you haven't sent yours in yet, but would like to, go right ahead.

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