Part 3: Citizen Reno Gets Lucky!!
You knew she had it in her, and now she's puttin it in someone else!

Jan suavely puts "Let's Get It on" on her bachelor pad hi-fi and grabs Ms. Spice by the hand. "Shall we get a bit more comfortable?" our gal Jan growls in her date's ear. "Oh yes!" croons the enthralled Mel--a phrase that she will repeat many times before the evening's through.....

As they snuggle in, Jan lets Scary know her halter top looks uncomfortable--Scary agrees.

"Oh, Janet, you're so.........virile!" sighs Ms. Scary. "Just doing my job, ma'am", Jan grunts as she deftly adjusts her pelvis to get to second base.
Citizen Reno decides that a more in-depth investigation is required. (don't wanna smudge those glasses, hon!)
Scary is curious about the famous "Reno Judgement" she's heard so much about. Jan is only too happy to mete out a helping of justice, Reno-style. ("Where did I put those damned handcuff keys?" Janet muses.)
"Mmmph!" says the overexcited Scary. "Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ!" says the sweaty Janet, as her eyes roll up into the back of her head.
"Impale yourself on my sword of Justice!" the butchly Ms. Reno commands. Scary, a law-abiding citizen, is only too glad to comply.

Satisfied at another Job Well Done, Citizen Reno can take a well-deserved breather.

Another day, another doll............

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